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Campus rePlacements, Diary post dated June 22, 2008

Life never ceases to change. Some say that change is good while some abhor it. The same applies to life at college. You come in as the ‘scared to death’ freshman, grow to be the uncooked and arrogant sophomore, get serious in 3rd year and celebrate your existence in the final year. But the only moment cherished the most remains the time when you enter your final year. You are the ‘replacements’ for your uncouth, uncivilized seniors and have to live up to their ‘living-on-the-edge’ repertoire. The 2005-2009 batch is the one out to live that carefree life now and I am the proud member of this batch. It’s the time when you forget what ‘Library’ means, it’s the time when you stretch your budget to the xtreme and it’s the time when your motto is: “Live College Life King Size” (proverb by a great man called Aditya Maira)

India has left its footprint in every format of cricket, be it Test, one-day or T20. And it’s our turn now. The 5 days of serious study for an exam and its faster version of one-day batting are passé. We now follow the T20 pattern: 20 min of study before the xam. The only thing left to figure out is if the college authorities allow cheer girls on the dais during exam hours. (Strictly for boosting our morale, of course). Here’s our new dictionary of Exam terms authored by the luminaries of the ISO-20-20 certified company: ‘4th year rebels’:

Movies related to college life:
Exam - Kalyug
Classes - Kabhi Kabhi
Viva - Encounter
Exam Hall - Chamber of Secrets
Examiner - Mrityudata
Course - Godzilla
Paper Correction - Andha Kaanoon
Person beside u in exam hall - Koi Mil Gaya/Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Exam Time - Quyamat Se Quyamat Tak
Question Paper - Paheli
Answer Paper - Kora Kaagaz
Marks - Asambhav
Cheating - Aksar
Last Exam - Independence Day
Result - Sadma
Pass - Ajooba/Chamatkar
Fail - Devdas
Vacations - Masti
Supplementary - Aakhri Raasta

Well, the college hasn’t been all that dormant either. T & P coordinator Mr. Venugopal has successfully established the official website for college placements: www.tapsnitw.org . My motto during my placement will be ‘Faz impression is lasht impreshan’. 3rd year students bagged internships from Schlumberger, L&T, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, Cisco, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Indian Air Force and several others. Placements are due to start on 6th of July. While some students clinched projects in IIT’s and IIIT, Hyd, the others are busy belling the CAT and trying to overcome the 1500’s barrier in GRE. College will reopen with renewed spirits on 21st of July and hopefully, the renovation of the Admin building will be complete by then. While the final year students are vying for rooms in 14th block, the construction of the 1000-room block is nearing completion. Registration on the first day has finally become computerized (Thank God!) and negotiations regarding the inclusion of 2 new branches of engg (Ceramic Engg and Mining Engg) are in the pipeline. Several new M.Tech courses have also been proposed. After the success of Technozion’08, Technozion 2 will be organized in the month of September. Before signing off, here’s a cool SMS I received recently:

School Life vs. College Life:

School: 1 colored dress for 100 days
College: 100 colored dresses for 1 day

School: 2 notebooks for 1 subject (min)
College: 1 notebook for all subjects

School: Most frequent letter - leave letter
College: Most frequent letter - love letter

That’s all folks! Wish me luck for my placements and do leave some tips to ace the interviews. Till we meet next time, Alvida!,

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