Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life At NITW-A Bitter Sweet Experience: Diary Post dated August 15, 2007

National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are claimed to be one of the best technical hubs in India. Well, atleast the 1st day of college doesn’t prove that coz it is this day when the students are tormented to death.

The student is firstly greeted by a long line where he is expected to pay his mess dues followed by a separate line merely to get a no-dues stamp. And that’s not all, its like ‘buy 2, get 1 free’. Because you have to once again buckle-up your guts to stand in yet another tunnel-long line only to know what your room number is, and mind-you, no proxy’s allowed here. Just when this comedy circus seems to come to an end, you’ve gotta think again. You then have to run around the entire institute in search of Hameed, the man with the magic key to your room. And finally, after the bitter-sweet treasure hunt, you have to bribe him with a sweet smile on your face and act as if he is your biggest saviour. The Sharukh Khan of Main Hoon Na or the Hrithik Roshan of Krishh. Well, this marathon-run seems completely senseless to me because, “Hello!! Has anyone heard of the computer?”

But when you look back, you realize that it’s not all that bad as it looks. Coz you get to catch-up with your old friends, see the crazy hairstyles they’ve grown in the hols, say Salaam to Karim Bhai, you even get to exercise your lazy bones with all the running around you have to do in the campus.

As for the day when class-work begins, it’s inevitable that every student attends the classes, not because he is the serious-types, but because it is crucial for him to do a fool-proof research on the lecturer’s attitude. His aim is to find out if the lecturer will be giving an attendance shortage at the end of the sem or not. If his attitude is lite-lo kinds, that’s going to be the last class the student attends before the end-exams.

As for the developments in the college, students have started getting LAN connectivity in their rooms in addition to Internet at snail’s-speed. But, with all the proxy sites of Orkut blocked, students have no another option but to surf technical info. The college also organized a grand-fest for the ’78 to ’82 batch students who had completed their 25 years of graduation. The sullen-mood was jived-up with a musical night followed by a DJ-night to celebrate the momentous occasion. Dr. Anand Raj, a prof in the Civil Engineering department has been chosen to be the next Chief Warden. Honestly, he is a master of simplicity. He comes to class on a cycle. People call him Jumanji because he badly needs a haircut. But as they say, ‘looks can be deceptive’. Because, his stern discipline and attitude has led to a tremendous decrease in ragging and you can be sure that he is not a guy you would want to mess with. The grapevine tells us that we may have Technozion2, a sequel to the tech-fest conducted earlier in Feb this year followed by Vyas’07, the annual IEEE tech-fest. The latest branch of our college is Bio-Tech Engineering, whose department was inaugurated recently by the director.

With all the student clubs releasing their deadlines for applications, while companies vying to recruit students for jobs and internships, all I can say is that ‘The journey has just begun’.

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