Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life At NITW-Seasons in the Sun, Diary post dated November 27,2007

The end-semester examinations have come to an end and the students can now breathe a sigh of relief after the excruciating and tiring night-outs. But as you look beyond the materialistic freedom attained for a month of winter hols, you realize that the semester passed has been a rather eventful one. A jolt to the system was felt when our mid-semester exams got postponed by 2 days because one of the mess ‘saru’s’ assaulted a civil prof because of a dispute over the tender for 6th mess. The student council, as usual, cherishing the moment went on a riot till the director’s office and the director kept saying “We thank you for your co-operation”. Ironically, the students were trying their best to start what Gandhi calls a non-cooperation movement to get the exams postponed as much as possible. The second jhatka came when one of the junior’s complained of raging and TV9 (a famous broadcasting company in AP) came to innocently cover the issue while students gathered around the camera innocently to get their faces on TV. An eventful sem as I said.

The students have now found a new way to while-away their time and avoid studying. They are now watching seasons of famous sitcoms available with friends on the LAN. Prison Break, Scrubs, Friends, Heroes, My name is Earl, How I met your Mother, Dragon Ballz, Naruto, Life as we know it, Alias, Criminal Minds, you name it, we’ve seen it. The students complete the seasons faster than the seasons change outside. To add to the fun and frolic, the students went on Industrial tours to places like NTPC, Ramagundam and Nagarjuna Sagar hydel power plant. Of course, the top of the lot was the tour to the esteemed ISRO, Sriharikota for all the IEEE members. A strange initiative has been taken up by the director. We are now supposed to write exams in evaluation books rather than answer sheets. The funda is that if the student feels he has been awarded a wrong grade, all the teacher needs to do is show him his book. (It dosen’t make sense though, as the same could be done with answer sheets). Anyways, for us, its like when our parents ask for our answer sheets, we say “Mummy, is baar director ne bola no wasting paper, so no answer sheets, so no exams”

A new theorem also has been proposed by us:
Equation 1: Study = Don’t fail
Equation 2: Don’t study = Fail

Add Eq. 1 and Eq. 2
Study + Don’t Study = Fail + Don’t fail
Study (1 + Don’t) = Fail (1 + Don’t)
Thus, Study = Fail.
So don’t study.
Hence proved.

In other words, thousands of yesterdays are gone, millions of tomorrow’s will come, but the hopes are still alive in the students that ‘Tomorrow, I’ll definitely start studying’.

The dates for our techfest Technozion and Vyas have been announced and the students are busy planning the events. You can check out what you might expect from the fest by clicking on these links:
www.technozion.org and www.vyas07.org. So for all the readers, its Sayonara for now

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