Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ECE shows its FRUSTUness, Diary post dated February 15, 2008

The month of January was coming to an end. Everybody had gotten comfortable with their new teachers and subjects. But comfort is synonymous with danger. Because, a good comfort level is a clear indication that exams are soon approaching. Nevertheless, the students had a golden opportunity to spend the last few days of Jan adventurously before the exams started. Jan 25th -27th were inevitably poised to provide a feast of knowledge and thrill in the college techfest called Technozion’08. The event was inaugurated in the presence of ISRO chair Mr. Madhavan Nair and was a host to a plethora of other events. But the cherry in the cake was the inspiring lecture by former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The Audi was reverberating with roars of applause as he finished his lecture with an interactive Q and A session. But hold your guns, how can such a magnanimous event end without a controversy? You’re right. It can’t. A trifle misunderstanding due to an unintentional argument was enough to spark off a mass fight between the M. Tech’s and U.P, Bihar during the cultural night. Things began to settle only after the director intervened. On the whole, it was worth the watch as some latecomers mistook the fight to be a skit among the events planned for the night.

Soon after the fest, people had to dust their books, remove the cobwebs and start studying for the mid-sems. The global elective subject was shifted from 4-2 to 3-2 (because everybody bunks the classes in 4th year). CSE Department offered ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning), the lectures of which were taken by professionals from Accenture. This automatically meant that the classes had to be in tune with their feasibility. As a result, the students had classes from 8 am to 6 pm non-stop on Sat and Sun. This was bad news for the Hyderabadis who vanish from the college the moment a weekend approached.

Nowadays, ECE is coming back in form just like our Indian cricket team. It is living up to its reputation of being FRUSTU. I personally have had tormenting experiences this sem. First, Ravi Kishore, Asst Prof of ECE catches me in DL (Digital Library) while checking my mail. And then, there is this new rule that cell phones are banned in college. It comes everyday in the notice board and everyday people laugh at it becoz no one really cares. But ECE does. And when I was writing my global elective exam in the ECE department, I was one of the unfortunate souls who got caught with a cell phone. And as a result, I had to pay a fine of Rs. 100. Well, maybe my Vaastu is not in good terms with the ECE department nowadays.

For those in ECE, cheating in exams is really tough. But branches like Chemical Engg are experts at it. (Some of us dream of becoming cheating consultants in future). Writing on legs and hands, getting chits to the hall is passé. Now, people have become more creative. Some make Micro-Xerox and staple the booklet inside the jeans. Some put a sheet of paper on the answer book and emboss the answers on the answer book before taking them to the exam hall. This way, only the student can see the carving at a specific angle of light and no one else! Who said we cannot innovate?

Another thing to cheer about for all the ‘couples’ in our college is the newly opened Amul outlet near the Guest house. It’s a good change for people who have got bored of ‘Swiss Bakery’ and Karim Bhai.

As the semester is nearing completion, most 3rd years have secured summer projects to keep themselves busy for the vacations. Some of the elite few have got intern opportunities from companies like Morgan Stanley, Voltas, Cisco, IBM, L & T and Accenture, while some have applied for off-campus interns in Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Yahoo etc. Owing to the dollar slump, most of the students have their fingers crossed as the placement season approaches.

Before I sign off, here are the top 3 comedy lines in college life:
1. Don’t Disturb, I want to study

2. No class. Lets go to library

And the best one is:
3. Sir……I have a doubt!!!

The above are the results of a survey taken without taking anyone’s honest viewpoint into consideration and the surveyors are not responsible to answer to anyone’s claim that the results have been fabricated

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